Here at the Digital Hub we support physicians, engineers and industrial partners with state-of-art facilities and equipment to promote medical research & training. At the Krakow campus, we have dedicated workspaces to support conferences, virtual and on-site seminars and training programmes. Our multi-purpose simulation lab is equipped with high-end audio-visual equipment to provide operators with an immersive high-fidelity simulation experience. All our simulations are performed in patient-specific 3D anatomical models to replicate in vivo conditions.

The models are created by our in-house 3D printing team, who can design and print a wide-range of 3D models using different technologies. The dedicated tele-health suite has been designed to support tele-radiology and remote procedures across the entire spectrum of our hospitals network. In addition to the Krakow campus, we have a range of national and international clinical campuses to support physicians and patients with our latest technologies. We are delighted to offer our facilities to support institutional or industrial training and research activities. If you have any specific requirements in addition to what we can offer, please do contact us with further details on: office@dirhub.eu.