Medical data segmentation and interactive visualization of structures of interest.

Mixed Reality visualization of raw medical data or virtual models.

Remote support of medical data acquisition and interpretation.

3D modelling

Data segmentation and interactive visualization

In our offer you can find the technical support in 3D anatomical modelling based on your medical data. Our team provides 3D interactive visualization of anatomical structures including data segmentation (based on raw DICOM data), processing and interactive 3D presentation or animation.  

Additionally, we offer the full data preparation for 3D printing process in different technologies – to learn more about it please visit 3D Printing.


Spatial visualization in Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality starts to play an  important role in medical data visualization for pre-procedural planning, intra-procedural monitoring and post-procedural follow-up. It is also well developed for medical education. Our team offers you a support in real time data visualization using Microsoft HoloLens 2nd generation Mixed Reality glasses. We provide the full service including data preparation or data segmentation and technical training with support during every stage of your medical practise.

To discuss your specific need please send the request with case description to


Remote Radiology

Imaging data acquisition and interpretation support

Our team provides the full teleconsultation service for remote CT and/or MR image acquisition support including technical center preparation.  Our specialists help with diagnostic and therapeutic decision making process working on advanced acquisition protocols for your device and supporting image interpretation using advanced image processing.

We offer the training courses for radiologists, technicians and all people interested in advanced image examinations. To see our offer please contact us at

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